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De Nora Venture Forum

Create the future of Electrochemistry!

De Nora, a global leader in sustainable technologies, in collaboration with Munich Network e.V., a independent, not for profit innovation intermediary has organized the first De Nora Venture Forum, that will take place in Milan, December 5-6, 2016.

The forum is part of the on going process carried out by R&D / Basic Research and Scanning Division having the aim to scout for new technologies and innovative startups for possible partnership and / or acquisition.

Take your opportunity and collaborate with the world’s leading provider of electrochemical products and services.

To learn more: denora-venture.com


About De Nora

De Nora is an Italian multinational company, leader in sustainable technologies that offers energy saving products and water treatment solutions. Globally De Nora is the pre-eminent provider of electrodes for electrochemical processes (Chlorine & Caustic, Electronics & Surface Finishing, Pools Electro-chlorination, Specialties) and is among the leaders in technologies and processes for filtration and disinfection of water (industrial use, public health, marine water and wastewater). The Company has grown internally through continuous innovation and externally with major acquisitions in USA, Japan, England and Italy.

It serves clients in 119 countries and has a physical presence in 11 countries worldwide with 23 offices, 13 manufacturing facilities, and maintains three research & development centers in Italy, USA and Japan. De Nora currently owns 344 patent families with more than 2,000 territorial extensions.


About Munich Network

With a broad-based backbone in technology and industry, Munich Network is an independent, not for profit, thus neutral organization geared to promote innovation through collaboration. Munich Network links the different groups in the innovation ecosystemby connecting parties in search of innovation (innovation consumer) with parties that offer ground-breaking solutions (innovation provider) and parties who enhance innovation (innovation enabler). Munich Network accelerates innovation by networking and bringing together these worldwide relevant players with an exclusivefocus of helping all players to achieve their goal.

Strong global companies and established medium-sized companiesput trust in Munich Network‘s innovation competencies, just like ambitious new technology ventures. Furthermore investors, consulting firms, lawyers, research establishments and NGO are members in the Munich Network.

More on: www.munichnetwork.com

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