System Components

Ozone generators are available stand-alone or as complete systems including ozone contact system, ozone monitors and vent ozone destruction systems etc. High technology combined with high quality materials and components form reliable ozone systems that operate even under different environmental conditions.

Typical Ozone System


Ancillary Equipment Options

Feed Gas Supply
• Liquid oxygen (local gas supplier)
• PSA – Oxygen (On-site generation, Pressure Swing Adsorption)
• Air preparation: air compressor, desiccant dryer, filter
• VPSA – Oxygen (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption)

Instrumentation and Control
• Devices for the management of Ozone concentration in gas phase and water
• Ambient gas monitoring with indication and alerting system

Cooling Water Supply
• Chilled water units
• Closed loop cooling water circuits with heat exchangers

Containerized System
• Insulated, painted and air- conditioned container
• Easy adoption of safety standards due to confined area approach
• Plug & Play approach



Ozone Mixing and Contacting

• Side stream injection systems
• Fine bubble diffusers
• Closed reactors
• Degassing tanks
• Demisters

Electronic Process Control
• Power Distribution Panels
• Main PLC, available with a selection of brands

Ozone Destruction in Off Gas
• Thermal and Catalytic Ozone Destructors
• With or without Blower